2019 Art Music Awards

The 2019 Art Music Awards, hosted by the Australian Music Centre & APRA AMCOS, were held last week in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney. The AMA recognises the work of Australian composers and performers of Australian art music. Winners in 2019 included Dr Damien Ricketson (who I studied with at the Con!), The Necks, BIFEM (which starts next weekend if you are keen for a drive to Bendigo!) and more. We were also treated to live performances of Australian music (check out: Sonya Lifschitz) and I meet a few new people - notably the winner of the QLD Award for Excellence in Experimental Music Leah Barclay.

If you are on Instragram check out @australianmusiccentre or #artmusicawards for more pics!

Holiday homework: listen to music

Learning to play music takes more than just practising your instrument. Students often underestimate how important it is to listen to music. The internet has made it easier than ever to access all types of music, for little or no cost. So, this holidays, try:

  • Listening to ABC Jazz: You can listen on your smart TV, digital radio or stream online here.

  • Listening to music on YouTube: plenty of performers & composers have active YouTube channels. Flute students might like to try fluteworthy or the Melbourne Flute Studio - both channels include music we learn in our lessons for AMEB exams. Piano students might like to listen to Piano Scholar for AMEB repertoire or be inspired by Tamara Anna Cislowska.

  • Talking about music with your parents, grandparents, friends or relatives. Ask them what music they listen too and what they like about it. Music is universal, everyone will have at least one artist, band or composer that they enjoy. Don’t judge them, just listen to music and talk about what you hear.

  • Attending an event with live music: check out the school holiday programs at The Concourse (Chatswood), Riverside Theatre Parramatta or The Joan (Penrith).

And remember, it doesn’t matter what music you listen too. Just listen to as much music as you can and be open to new sounds. Enjoy the break!

June 2019


Parents often ask me to recommend aural training or music theory apps. Here are a few of my favourites:

For more advanced students (above grade 3 AMEB of year 9 high school) I recommend taking music theory lessons. The Music Craft work books include aural activities & they prepare students for high school music studies. It’s a nationally recognised AMEB course & each workbook is spilt into 40 chapters - students complete 1 chapter a week to compliment their instrumental lessons.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or read more about Music Craft here.

Easter holidays 2019

We ended term 1 playing Harry Potter duets! Students quickly picked up the classic “Hedwig’s Theme” but the “Nimbus 2000” was a little trickier than most expected!

We are now taking a two-week break for the Easter holidays. Lessons resume in Term 2, week starting 29th March. In Term 2 we will be preparing for the Penrith Eisteddfod  & AMEB students will continue to work towards their Oct/Nov exams.

My new home studio is slowly taking shape! The piano seems to be adjusting well to it’s new home and Zues (the studio Cockatiel) is loving all our frequent visitors. There are still a few vacancies on Wednesday evenings & Saturday mornings; contact me via email if you want to book a trial lesson!

Happy Easter!

January 2019

Over the summer we are moving into our new home in Kings Langley! The new studio will be up & running by early February.

Until then I’ll be playing piano in the storage unit…

November 2018

Four flute students have just completed their AMEB flute exams, undertaking grades 4, 3, 1 & preliminary.  Examiner comments included:

“A steady presentation of this dance. The dynamic contrasts are enhancing…”

“A lively presentation portraying the jazz idiom…”

“A lively tempo established… articulation is crisp and clearly defined…”

Congratulations to all involved!

May 2018

Congratulations to my HSM flute students who have just completed their AMEB examinations! Students ranged from grades 2-4 and examiner comments included “You have prepared well for today. You produce a lovely, clear tone…” “Very nicely played, you conveyed the style very well with appropriate articulatory feel…”and “You conveyed a lovely serene mood with a relaxed tempo and smooth legato…” Congratulations to all involved!